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Our Services

At Heartwood Tree Care, we strive to provide quality, informed service for a reasonable price. We know how important your trees are and want to help you take the best care of them so they will continue to provide shade and aesthetic value to your property. 


Tree Trimming

The absolute best things to do for your trees is to water them and prune as necessary. Pruning your trees can reduce the risk of limbs breaking under the stress of snow and wind as well as create a more balanced structure within the canopy. Eliminating dead branches can mitigate the risk of disease and allow more space for live material to grow. Similarly, thinning the canopy can reduce the stress of the tree competing with itself for sunlight and allow more airflow throughout the canopy. Combined, all of these aspects of pruning can ensure healthy growth for years to come.


Ash Tree Removal

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why trees in the city should be removed. Disease, death, rot and other issues of decreased structural integrity can create a huge hazard for the safety of people and structures on your property. We are knowledgable and experienced at evaluating these potential hazards and removing the tree. We are experienced at removing these trees in close proximity to your home or other nearby valuables.


Bonsai Tree

Planting a tree is an excellent long term investment in your home and property. However, like any investment, there is some careful consideration that must be done when picking a variety. We are knowledgeable of the many pros and cons of each tree variety and can help you choose a tree and a location to plant it. Our services include planting the tree and helping establish a maintenance schedule to help establish a solid structure in your new investment.

Fire Mitigation


If you live in the foothills or mountains of Colorado, wildfires are a natural disaster that could strike without warning. The most important measure you can take to defend your home is to create a fire defensible space around your home. This includes removing and or pruning trees right next to your home, thinning out trees that are growing too close together and eliminating ladder fuels. These are low dead limbs, brush underneath trees and any material that can cause the fire to spread from the ground, to the tree canopy and to your home. We have substantial experience evaluating these properties and helping you manage your forest.

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