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Tree Service

Trees are not just another "thing" in our yard. They provide shade, aesthetic and intrinsic value, add privacy and remind us of our connection to the natural world. For many properties, the trees have been there as long as the house, if not longer. However, as the house is remodeled, converted, or demolished, some of the trees will continue to thrive for generations to come. This of course, is determined by the quality of care that trees receive over the years. Proper pruning, pest and disease management will keep the urban forest healthy and thriving. 


At Heartwood Tree Care, our expert arborists provide quality tree pruning, safe and controlled tree removals, plant healthcare services, EAB treatments, stump grinding and tree planting services to Boulder, Louisville, Superior, Longmont and Broomfield. While our company is newly formed, we have years of experience working with trees of all varieties, sizes and degrees of health. We are fully licensed, insured and passionate about helping our customers care for their patch of the urban forest.                             for a free estimate.

HeartWood Tree Care
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Check us out at work, taking down a dead elm tree in Central Boulder. This tree was a little tricky to remove without harming the neighbors maple or scratching up the fence below it.

Reed McIntyre

Born and raised in Boulder, I never truly appreciated how beautiful this area of Colorado is, and how much it meant to me to call it home. In 2007, I left to Bellingham, WA where I pursued my degree in Botany and Freshwater Ecology. Shortly after, I began working with a private restoration company that worked to restore ecologically degraded areas across northwest Washington. After working numerous jobs of replanting trees and creating fire defensible space, I began to see the importance of proper forest management and care.

After moving back home, I naturally fell into working with the trees within private residences. I love the mix of skills this field requires to perform well and provide quality work and advice. On a daily basis, the problem solving, science and physical exertion that is required to be an arborist, inspires me and continues to raise the bar of a "hard day of work".

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